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Pacific Edu is a one-stop solution to support Register Training Organisations (RTOs) with all aspects of registration, setup, compliance, and maintenance. We are committed to maintaining all standards set by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) throughout the process and ensure to identify any non-compliant issues with the help of professional in-depth auditing.

Enlisting an RTO is a tedious, expensive, and overpowering cycle. Remove the mystery from it and let our accomplished consistent advisors take you through the whole excursion from strategic management to registration. Our auditors have an abundance of involvement in administrative reviews and assist you with planning cooperation with the controller. Get a new arrangement of eyes to investigate your approaches and methods to guarantee you keep up to speed with the administrative changes.

Our Major RTO Consulting Services are – 

Business Consultation & Support

Initial RTO Registration

Post Initial Audit

Adding Scope

Professional Development

Resource Development

Internal Audit Support

Policies & Procedures Package


Student Admission, Consulting Services, Trainer Recruitment, Professional Development

Study Planning

Helping you manage your study plan, whether it is a diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate study

Admission Strategy

Follow a proper admission strategy with us to obtain highest scholarship throughout your course

Career Advices

We are committed to provide you with best career advice for your future growth

Recruitment Process

Pacific Edu has a solid and systematic recruitment process in place to help you search for best trainers

Start Ups

Thinking of a Start Up? We are here to provide you with every possible solutions and consultation

Manage Development

Manage your professional development with Pacific Edu from our wide range of training courses

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